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Traditionally, it is common for many Russians to get married in their early twenties.While Western use of dating apps is usually for more casual relationships.Even if you manage to find one that is genuine, then you will have a significant chance to get married to a gold-digger (they love this kind of places as their prey goes there willingly and they don’t have to do much work) or a desperate woman who wants to improve her life by marriage (your personality is irrelevant and her language skill is poor).And don’t go crying after: you wanted an easy way of choosing a sweet obedient (whatever they label us on those sites) white woman in a catalogue, and genuine relationships don’t work that way.The first couple got in a very heated discussion of modern photography on some smartphone and tech forum. The second met through a popular online game, began chatting and accidentally found out that they were both in Cologne at the same time then: she went on a business trip, he went to a concert with friends. No “traditional/obedient/Slavic goddess of femininity” bullshit, no gold-digging (even more, one of these women has a much higher income and better educated than her husband), just people living their life together. Russian women are also aware that dating sites of this kind are not a place to find a good man for a normal relationship.It was a fad in 90’s, mostly women fleeing from a major financial collapse in Russia. There are a lot of scammers who prey on lazy men, many of them are men, too.

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Other countries in the top 10 included Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, India, and Japan.The popularity of online dating in Russia is interesting due to the value of serious relationships many Russians have.Russian dating is seen as much more serious, compared to Western culture, especially regarding online dating.Online dating has become less stigmatized, and a popular tool used to meet people, especially in Russia.According to e Marketer, Russia was ranked number one for dating app share of total app downloads.

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