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It was the stabilising and opening of the wormholes across all of the timelines by Adam's followers which ultimately caused the Winden nuclear plant to meltdown and begin the third and final cycle.There was an accident at the plant in 1986 and the radioactive waste was barrelled up and hidden in the caves before being removed via a lorry.

When they are broken open right at the end under the orders of the Winden police, a black material rises out of it which causes one of the wormholes.Through that particular time window, Charlotte and old Elisabeth, who is both her daughter and her mother, came face to face and proceeded to touch hands, just as the apocalypse tore through the town.Was Charlotte pulled through to 2053, as young Jonas was sucked through a different wormhole earlier?Adam tells his younger self that he will carry that pain with him for the rest of his life.It will emotionally harden him, and then one day Jonas will finally be able to let the memory of Martha go and focus on bringing about the end of the world in order to construct a new one.

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