Dating for the married

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It’s romantic, I know, but, in real life, that’s probably not the best way to go about things.If your boyfriend’s proposal takes you entirely by surprise — as in, you weren’t even sure he was thinking about marriage in the first place — it’s possible you and he aren’t actually ready to tie the knot.Ask him how he feels about marriage, about kids, about finances. And then tell him that you’re, ultimately, looking to get married and see what he says. I’ve always longed for a home to keep and children to love and care for. If what you want is to get married, but the guy you’re with isn’t really the guy you want to marry, don’t get married.And there was a time (before I met my husband) when I wondered if I’d ever meet a man who’d want to make that life with me. If you marry a guy you don’t love looking for the life you’ve always dreamed of, you’re going to find yourself living in a nightmare.He stood in front of me in a navy suit, boyishly smiling and holding my hands in his.A man named Angel read our vows and I paused a while, looked deep into Aalam’s eyes before saying, “I do”. We walked outside the court house afterwards, holding hands, smiling ear to ear, over the moon with the confirmation that we were now, officially, tied together for the rest of our lives. For months and weeks, you bottled up excitement and anticipation for the school year to end.

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I don’t mean this dramatically, like, I can’t live without you! It’s all well and good to be passionately in love with someone, but if he’s always disappearing for days on end without calling, he’s probably not husband material.

We dated for three months before marrying each other — barely three whole months. From strangers to friends, their concerns are similar — Their worry came from a good place — their questions are meant to ensure I wasn’t making an emotional, rash decision.

Although I sincerely appreciated the concern, I knew nothing they could say would deter me from my decision. I couldn’t rationalize, quantify or even properly verbalize how .

After our marriage ceremony, we walked to a fancy Italian restaurant in Flatiron, with the sun shining down on tall buildings, wide avenues, yellow cars, busy people and giggling school children.

I raised my face to the sky, feeling the warmth of the sun, breathing in this perfect, dream like moment when everything felt perfectly right with the world. The fierceness, sincerity and strength of my feelings for him amplify daily. I settle into the couch with the and talk to him about flights.

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