Dating for aspies

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(I don't know whether this is true or not.) I can't vouch for the site's quality, never having used it.

Someone should tell the owner that the puzzle piece logo isn't a symbol of the autistic community -- it's a symbol of the puzzled parents and the puzzled professionals, and some autistic people find it offensive due to its association with Autism Speaks.

gid=15912303964]Aspie Dating For adults with Asperger Syndrome[/url] Info: " This group is for anyone interested in dating and or pursuing a relationship or general discussion.

The group runs itself and there is no administrator." They have "sexy" profile pictures, and their interests are all very similar.

It's a dating site for people with mental illnesses/disorders/issues & you can select Autism/Asperger's in a check-box for diagnoses. I tried using D4D before but that site like most others had waaay to many guys for girls & a lot of the women were wanting a guy who's the opposite of a typical Aspie.

They also have a forum & another member there has mentioned probably having AS to. It's completely free but you can buy a membership for a one time payment; you don't get many extra features/benefits but I think of it as a donation But I don't want to go among mad people, Alice remarked. I quit using it because I tried changing my email address & I apparently entered it wrong & couldn't relog in.

A celebrity, or maybe even you, could also become his or her special interest, and you may experience stalking, harassment or unwanted attention.

Aspies can generally only take things literally, so they may stumble of euphemisms, or polite expressions often used in place of harsher phrases such as “between jobs” or “bit the big one.” They may not understand common humorous expressions, turns of a phrase such as “there’s more than one way to skin a cat,” neologisms like “bestie” or “staycation,” cliches, colloquialisms such as “go bananas,” teasing, sarcasm or jokes.

I don't think dating sites for Aspeis are a good idea unless the guys are gay because of the high ratio of Aspie men to Aspie women I would recommend .The result is someone who is “mindblind,” meaning that they can’t see their partner’s desires, feelings and needs.So, how do you know if you are dating someone with Asperger’s syndrome? Aspies typically have an obsessive, all-consuming interest in one topic and one topic only.Asperger's and Autism Dating Groups On Facebook ADHD Asperger's dating!info: "A Site for like-minded individuals to chat and develop friendships and/or relationships, share information etc." Asperger Dating Forum ( Aspie, Asburger, Aspergers Syndrome) [url]=

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