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We’ve all had one of those unexpectedly incredible dates.

What’s supposed to be a 45-minute coffee meetup evolves into a whole-day affair where you learn everything about the person, realize you share similar values, watch the same shows, like the same music, and have the same relationship goals.

But I kept seeing him because I enjoyed being with him, and everything was simple and good.

Sometimes, I’ve learned, good is good enough.,” Will says.

“He was friendly and nice but slightly, dare I say, nerdier than I expected.

He didn’t seem open to a lot of the same things I was.

If you are ready by the end of the class, you will have the opportunity to try for a “catch” with one of our experienced instructors.

He came back to my apartment, and the date turned sexual quickly.

The same thing happened a couple weeks later and a couple weeks after that. So we actually started dating, probably three months after we first set eyes on one another.

Our first real dates were fun but never awe-inspiring.

Three official dates in, I didn’t see him as a serious love interest.

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