Dating directory add url

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The simplest way of adding a page is to add an HTML file in the root directory with a suitable filename.

This is a continuation of the simple HTML block example.

Settings are configured in the form of a Python module (a file).

The file holds one channel at least, this is the website that provides the information. These are web pages from the same site, or from other sites. This may be accomplished just by a click on an "add" button to get the URL of the RSS feed, and let it added to a list of feeds. A script in PHP or other language, builds the list each time the page is displayed by loading the RSS file and extracting the data from it. These tags are required: - title: the title of your website, may be the one in the title tag of the home page.

You can deliver information in this format et one can get this information, and information from other various sources, in this format.

Information provided by a website in an XML file is called an RSS feed. Followed by the 0.91 version that has been improved by the Userland company in 2000.

To see a list of current settings in your environment, including both default and any customized values, run the following command (append one or more specific setting names as arguments to see values for those settings only): All the setting identifiers must be set in all-caps, otherwise they will not be processed.

Setting values that are numbers (5, 20, etc.), booleans (True, False, None, etc.), dictionaries, or tuples should be enclosed in quotation marks.

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