Dating bad timing

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It’s a tough lesson to learn, but it’s one that we all need to learn at some point.[Read: Limerence, love and infatuation – the real difference] #7 Careers.With that said, it can be pretty frustrating when you meet someone with potential but doesn’t have the maturity to handle the type of relationship you’re after. Another tick that makes your relationship clock tock is the timing of your life goals.If you’ve set goals for yourself that you want to achieve and reach before settling down, it’s important to be aware of that, and remember how important they are to you.

Too bad you hadn’t had enough experience to know any better. Our circumstances define us in some way, but just because you might have a negative experience, doesn’t mean you should let that one event define you.

So if you’ve never actually thought about dating because you’ve always had to work and provide for yourself, or maybe take care of your family, or had a lot more downs in life than ups, it’s okay to put relationships and dating on the back burner.

Only when you are finally ready to date and put yourself out there will you start figuring out what you want when it comes to relationships. Figuring out the difference between love and infatuation is extremely important when it comes to relationships, and it is also influenced by timing.

All the experiences you have in all the relationships in your life help shape you into the person that you are.

These experiences also help you realize what is important to you and help you figure out what kind of person you want to be with in the long run.

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