Dating as an investment banking analyst

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They do not spend a lot of time executing deals, so most investment banks are far more interested in a great schmoozer and prospector than a technical mastermind.

There are a few primary reasons an analyst may never work his or her way to managing director. Even if an analyst is able to adjust to the long hours and demanding work, there are tremendous exit opportunities, meaning there are other excellent jobs with good firms that are fighting to pick up the scraps from investment banks.

Even the lowest-level analysts are the brightest, highest-achieving business students.

It is a grind to get an analyst job since banks are looking for those who can willingly build active schedules and show they can work long hours with superb results.

The bank's clients need to trust the managing director, who acts as the spokesman for the bank in a deal.Your friends are likely going to be your co-workers, with whom you spend almost all of your time.This can lead to a great deal of camaraderie among analysts, especially those who make it to the associate level together.The salary benchmarking firm Emolument has released a report on how long it takes to become managing director (MD) at an investment bank.The results were not surprising: It takes at least 16 years at most major investment banks.

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