Dating a guy who is shy

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As shy as a guy may be, she still wants to appear like he’s in control of the situation *which is why most shy guys avoid talking to girls because they’re afraid of losing control*.So if you want to make him feel good about himself and fall for you at the same time, make him believe he’s the one in control of the flirty games.Smile coyly at him and look away when he looks towards you.Ask a friend to tease you while pointing towards the shy guy, while you pretend like you’re really embarrassed about it.[Read: 9 sneaky ways to get a guy to ask you out by using your friends] #3 Look good and appear interesting.

He may believe he’s not good enough for you, or he may assume he won’t be able to carry a conversation with you.[Read: How to get a shy guy to notice you and fall for you] And once he starts to notice you often, exchange eye contact with him now and then.A shy guy may feel confident enough to sneak glances at you now and then, but he may be too timid to actually ask you out, or even initiate a conversation with you. Shy guys cannot make eye contact easily and are silent in groups, often getting tagged rude/unfriendly unless you know them. Because chances are there he will come off as rude/unfriendly.

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