Dating a female lawyer

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This article was co-authored by Sarah Schewitz, Psy D.Sarah Schewitz, Psy D is a psychologist with over 10 years of experience helping couples and individuals improve and change their patterns in love and relationships.Yeah, you're going to have to let us know about that one in advance so we can book a half-day of holiday. Well, it might also be because of that, but usually it's because we've been landed with a massive great bundle which needs reading before 9am. Not because we're engaging in a Bridget-Jones-style flirty email exchange with our office crush. Our weekends are sacred Because there is literally excited about non-work plans, you may as well be on a date with a seven-year-old at Christmas. We're a nightmare to rent a flat with That lease will have been re-read and re-drafted at least fifteen times before we sign on the dotted line.

But time and again, we’ve come across remarkable women lawyers, many of whom fell outside of our deals-and-suits-heavy coverage.Indeed, the 45 are the rare birds, soaring above the vast majority of women lawyers who still lag well behind their male colleagues. Right, Am Law doesn’t do a lot of coverage on powerful female attorneys because there aren’t very many powerful female attorneys. That’s a backhanded compliment right in the vein of “that [black guy] speaks so well.” I’d much prefer Am Law to say, “Time and again, we come across remarkable women lawyers whom we generally ignore in our coverage.So we’re going to change that because it’s 2011, not an episode of Mad Men.” Of course, Am Law probably doesn’t think it has a problem with its general coverage of female attorneys.

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