Dating a con man

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Jackson's excuses would include that he lost his wallet or was having trouble accessing cash from his bank."As if a broken heart wasn't enough, he would financially devastate many of these women," Carranza told ABC7.

The LAPD is now urging any of his victims to contact detectives.

If we can pull on one dangling, loose thread of the strange things that are going on many times that’s all it takes for their entire whole fake life to unravel. Taking in and accepting and really understanding what they are is trauma in itself.

We each get through this at a different pace and much of our recovery depends on what we believe about life, about ourselves and how much we continue to question until we find an answer that fits.

Jackson—believed to have been scamming victims for years—used the pseudonyms "Da Truth," "Syncere," and "Outlaw."The suspect was detained on felony charges including identity theft, forgery and grand theft, KTLA reported. Contact your local police station."LAPD officials said Jackson would typically befriend women from out of state then offer to fly them to California or pledge to pay them back for purchasing the plane ticket.

Inmate records show he was taken into custody on a 0,000 bail. Carranza, captain of the Los Angeles Police Department commercial crimes division, announced the arrest on Twitter yesterday: "If it is too good to be true… He would then target victims when they were asleep or using the bathroom by stealing from their purse—taking their credit card details and identity information.

“He was taking me out to dinner, buying me flowers, and we had a trip to Hawaii that was probvably close to ,000 by itself,” Jo Ann Venhuizen said during Alldred’s sentencing.

“I said, ‘Sure, no problem.’” In the next month, Pardini said, she lost in excess of 0,000 due to Alldred’s actions, including the depletion of her nest egg and other assets. Alldred claimed his ex-wife had been setting him up and Venhuizen kicked him out, never to see him again.But Alldred’s web of deception came to an end after meeting a woman near Dallas who went to police after learning the real identity of the man she knew as Richard Tailor.“It is clear that he will never change, and we expect his sentence to reflect that.We are glad we were able to get some level of justice for these women.” Alldred also posed as a doctor, a professor and a defense analyst, authorities said.

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