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Tell them a story about the photos that grab your attention (and don’t forget to ask them to do the same! Tell your partner about the silly little things that make you smile.An ability to make you laugh with nothing more than a glance.

If you’re in need of a new conversation starter, try out one of these fifteen things happy couples talk about.They might think of a brilliant solution that you never would have imagined by yourself. Big decisions like choosing a honeymoon destination, how much to save for your retirement, and where to send your children to school should be discussed in depth. Procrastinating will only make your life more stressful, since you’ll have less time to deliberate.Buffy the Vampire Slayer isn’t just a fictional character in my mind. Healthy debates about world events will keep your mind sharp.To test this theory, take your partner to the mall and see how many things you can observe. You’re not kidding anybody when you tell your partner, “Nothing is the matter.” There is nothing strong about choosing to fight your battles alone. Tell your partner about the ambitions you have that don’t involve your relationship.You’ll be able to keep each other encouraged while you pursue the things that captivate your interest.

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