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GMM was developed by Lars Peter Hansen in 1982 as a generalization of the method of moments, (norm of m, denoted as

So let me get the marketing stuff out of the way and then I can tell you about a few things that especially interest me and might interest you. This option retains a cell’s format after writing numeric data to it.

There’s a long tradition that Statalisters hear about Stata’s new releases first.

You are hearing about Stata 14 roughly a microsecond before the rest of the world. Here’s yet another example of everything happening faster in the modern world.

Before we can make a statement about the asymptotic distribution of the GMM estimator, we need to define two auxiliary matrices: So far we have said nothing about the choice of matrix W, except that it must be positive semi-definite.

In fact any such matrix will produce a consistent and asymptotically normal GMM estimator, the only difference will be in the asymptotic variance of that estimator.

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