Consolidating itunes library itunes 10

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I already decided that I would sacrifice accuracy for condensing some artist names. Some files had no tag information but had them inherent in the file names. Luckily there is Free DB which is the CDDB equivalent but has a searchable field to look up albums under artist name and album title.

I also decided that I would have to move guests and featured artists to the song title instead of the artists field, also to consolidate the artists down. With Media Rage, I was able to look some of these albums up then transfer the id3 tag information to the proper files.

Media Rage was also a great way just to see groups of files easily and batch change certain fields.

It is lacking a slick interface and can get a little clunky since it is more a collection of miniprograms than a collective whole, so it takes a little getting used to.

You get the point, not to mention all the misspellings.

After searching and searching for various programs my approach was a three fold fix.

This really didn’t become apparent till I finally got an ipod controller for my car and while trying to go through my artists, it took forever just to scroll through the “B”‘s .Since I have done a proper pass on existing tag information and have added new tag information I now have to take another pass through the Artist field once more.My third step is to get album covers for the ones that were missing.Media Rage is also smart in the fact that if I was missing some songs in the album I could pick and choose the right tag information to be transferred over.This worked for the most part, but some compilations had artist as “Various Artists” and had the artist information as part of the song name, i.e “Save A Prayer – Duran Duran” as the song name.

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