Consolidating grad school loans

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For Ascent rates and repayment examples please visit: Disclaimer: College Ave Student Loans products are made available through either Firstrust Bank, member FDIC or M. Program restrictions, other terms, and conditions apply.

As certified by your school and less any other financial aid you might receive. The 0.25% auto-pay interest rate reduction applies as long as a valid bank account is designated for required monthly payments. This informational repayment example uses typical loan terms for a freshman borrower who selects the Flat Repayment Option with an 8-year repayment term, has a ,000 loan that is disbursed in one disbursement and a 7.78% fixed Annual Percentage Rate (“APR”): 54 monthly payments of while in school, followed by 96 monthly payments of 6.21 while in the repayment period, for a total amount of payments of ,266.38.

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Note: A Direct PLUS Loan is commonly referred to as a parent PLUS loan when made to a parent, and as a grad PLUS loan when made to a graduate or professional student.

Hard credit inquiries (or hard credit pulls) are required for So Fi to be able to issue you a loan and may impact your credit score. If you lose your job through no fault of your own, you may apply for Unemployment Protection.

Certain restrictions, limitations; and terms and conditions may apply. Rates are effective as of 07/01/2019 and include a 0.25% discount applied when a borrower in repayment elects automatic debit payments via their personal checking account. All loans are subject to individual approval and adherence to underwriting guidelines.To be eligible for this assistance, you must provide proof that you have applied for and are eligible for unemployment compensation, and you must actively work with So Fi Career Services to look for new employment.If the loan is cosigned, the unemployment protection applies where both the borrower and cosigner lose their job and meet conditions.Learn more about So Fi’s Unemployment Protection here #what is sofis unemployment protection program. Interest begins accruing on the first disbursement date, but some repayment options do not require full principal or interest payments until the end of the deferment period. Important Information About Federal Repayment Options. So Fi Private Student Loans do not have the same repayment options that federal loan programs offer, such as Income-Based Repayment or Income-Contingent Repayment, or PAYE or REPAYE.Any unpaid interest that has accrued and remains unpaid at the end of the deferment period will be added to the principal balance at the end of the deferment period. In addition, federal student loans offer deferment and forbearance options that are not available for So Fi Lending Corp. Find out more about federal repayment options Disclaimer: The interest rate ranges represent the lowest interest rate offered on the Discover Undergraduate Loan and highest interest rates offered on Discover student loans, including Undergraduate, Graduate, Health Professions, Law and MBA Loans.

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