Coca cola bottle dating

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This variation, when documented, can help us to date different deposits at archaeological sites. Here at Campus Archaeology, we occasionally come across Coke bottles in various forms.

Depending on some particular characteristic of the bottle, we can give a general date to the materials found with that bottle.

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Search for "Coca-Cola" items to compare your bottles to the photographs and the description of the items displayed.

Patented in 1915, the contour bottle went into production in 1916 and was subsequently sold all over the world (Coca-Cola 2011; Lockhart and Porter 2010).

The presence of this bottle indicates that at the dump was being used sometime between 1900 and the present.

Looking closer on the bottle, one sees a patent date of Dec. This date indicates that the bottle was an old “Christmas Coke” bottle, made and sold between 19; a date range that fits well with what we know about the use of this dump.

Coke bottles, used in this way, serve as excellent diagnostic artifacts for more recent historic sites.

The earliest Coca-Cola bottles were Hutchinson style bottles, but were quickly followed by straight-sided bottles with crown tops in a number of different colors of glass.

Dating to between 19, the dates of these straight-sided bottles can be narrowed even further based on the shape of the script and where the script is placed on the bottle.

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