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The Daramours and Wellingtons used to summer on the island together, though Lucy never developed as much of an attraction to the place as Trish did.

Lucy is confident, beautiful and not afraid of showing it off, despite her happy relationship with her boyfriend back home. Her mother, Kate, was one of the victims of the 2001 Wakefield massacre, and Kelly never fully recovered mentally or emotionally.

David "Puck" Rainey was evicted from the house by his roommates during Season 3 and replaced by Joanna "Jo" Rhodes.

However, Puck remained part of the cast and was heavily featured in the remaining episodes.

Regardless of their social differences, however, Beth is comfortable in the extravagant world of the Wellingtons, though she can't always hide how much she'd like a piece of it for her own.

A bridesmaid, and Trish's best friend from growing up.

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Halstead and Kovar were replaced by Nick Brown and Brittini Sherrod.

She wants nothing more to escape the island, but there always seems to be something getting in her way.

A mysterious serial killer who appeared on Harper's Island in 2001 and, seemingly without motive, killed six people before being shot dead by Sheriff Mills, whose wife was one of the victims.

He likes to get along with people,and it would be pretty difficult to get on his bad side.

One of the groomsmen and, like the others, one of Henry's frat brothers.

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