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College activity directors often come up with fun activities as part of this effort.

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Bright Angel Fountain : This place is directly across the Bright Angel lodge, along the footpath overlooking the South Rim, there is a \'fountain\' that allows a great break from the midday sun.

Some old-earth geologists have tentatively adopted a new theory that requires a few rather strange twists.

Or how about this: Rocks on the bottom of the canyon are million years younger than very recent rocks on the very top of the canyon!

However, we observed large rocks and boulders from a neighboring formation mixed into the bottom few feet of the Tapeats Sandstone.

The city had several names before Lord Darrell Duppa called it Phoenix, after the bird that rebirths itself out of the flames of the former animal. Dave's mission of guiding students toward Christlikeness, academic success, and personal excellence includes their friendships and romantic relationships.

Into this controversy step the young-earth creationists, who need to explain how the Grand Canyon was formed, strata and all, in less than 5, years.

Or how about this: This theory suggests that the Colorado River flowed through the area of the Grand Canyon only recently.

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