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When users post their moments, they can separate their friends into a few groups, and they can decide whether this Moment can be seen by particular groups of people.In China, users who have provided bank account information may use the app to pay bills, order goods and services, transfer money to other users, and pay in stores if the stores have We Chat payment option.Moments can be also linked to Facebook and Twitter accounts, and can automatically post Moments content directly to these two platforms.Privacy in We Chat works by groups of friends: only the friends from the user's contact are able to view their Moments' contents and comments.

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When sent to groups, the money is distributed equally, or in random shares ("Lucky Money").For non-Chinese users of We Chat Pay, an additional identity verification process of providing a photo of a valid ID as well as oneself is required before certain functions of We Chat Pay become available.Users who link their credit card can only make payments to vendors, and cannot use this to top up We Chat balance.The friends of the user will only be able to see the likes and comments from other users only if they are in a mutual friends group.For example, friends from high school are not able to see the comments and likes from friends from university.

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