Cheats for love hina dating rpg

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While enjoying himself, a naked girl walks out and doesn’t realize there’s a guy in the water (without her glasses, she assumes Keitaro is another girl).

Once she realizes (by means that the game doesn’t mention, and I won’t either) that he’s a guy, she freaks, and as Keitaro runs away clad in his towel, he bumps into other girls throughout the inn.

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A guy named Keitaro Urashima (referred to as Keitaro, Urashima, or “Urashima-sempai”), is trying to get into the college Tokyo University (referred to as “Tokyo U”, for short).Unfortunately, he’s failed to pass the entrance exams twice, making him a second-year Ronin (ronin is a Japanese name given to those who fail to pass the entrance exam).Still trying to get into Tokyo U, Keitaro is kicked out of his house because his parents don’t understand why he’s so hung up on trying to get into such a prestigious (and difficult) school when there’s no chance. Fifteen years ago, when Keitaro was little, he made a promise with a young girl that liked him.The game is all story, minus your ability to change the outcome.However, as you complete the game with different girls, you’ll realize that even if you go out with someone Keitaro doesn’t go out with in the cartoon, the story is still the same, using pieces of the cartoon to help keep the story line the same.

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