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snow of the season to record his feelings on a car window. “for some time,'’ National Assembly as under a European political fed General Pearkes said Mr. the service* SERVIC E APPRECIATED and of rittapni Premier Mr. CARPET MATS Plain and patterned MATS made from fine quaiky Wilton and Axmlnster Approx. Korea with a i-ontingent in the *• "'-ad lh is 1 Reeve Casey and Councillors On itt AXtf York regular Uoidten and George Austin i-oni Michael Rotneia again deserve? Churchill Presidentelect after He dismissed the pilfering that was listed In the report as being regarded as normal there was no sense premier continued, "or if they have more patients, of anyone actually owning national properly," ha said. were named to a *pei fust nod for lu» line peiform miltee to »|*eed iriiluxtnallzalion a* Toddie l Vakilt. ciedlhlv silly ass who later KI N Kf ITs K\ lher on are no badly damaged that ex serving on the front "‘ir-rve repairs will lie have been |a-*u-i-ed wilh propa sabotaging the ft I first easily sound NKRUK. *s«*ine of Hie stars of last iilgbt X allow didn't come "im the stage. arranged and handled Hie lo|»nntch ligbiing and effects which served to III lenslfy the thrills and the realism. buy addition to the Uaue of ment would consult with prnv inwaste and extiavagaiue On- dal and munitipal governmentand the medical profession and Kial Pearkes said, the Con&ervathen bring rn a national I’arue which t- keeping taxes lives in J'arliamenl are a health program. C lilt KEN CASSEROLE * * * 4'j Place a lo 5- pound Anniversary to Greater Victoria chicken cut up in a casserole The ' Mr ami Mi* ft Shillltto. // V' i mil'll Esquimau Women * Institute *poon salt, '* teaspoon pepper. - HI III Professor Finds Dream Fish Aimpney Pearkes Defends Prof J. R Smith, Rhodes University ichthyologist slumbers in a bare room in Durban, Soirth Africa, after his return from a 3,.'l OQ-mife flight with what he described as "one of the most amazing discoveries ever made in science. Smith five-year-old Linda Corolc Smith w'as not drunk or drugged when ward of thp court after a brief •»„. rtr i ‘* *'‘, N hospital Hero Receives at Work Point ! Ignominious penalty open the-wav to aabota Je He will head ihe possible fo, an off,, r-r/ T h e Spna 1 jured ge MIng that ia avail Bennett, police a ear driven hy Saanich, was In with a car driven bv Edgar O. 1303 Yates on West Saanich Road near Pros, Guy M Shaw. Nearly 1111**1 Bniish lads Project v 26 year-old sending you one so II ^an see w liaj kind of malatkv they are trying to pull. arms* fm,„ „* with ‘Merry if »• lh flgld for tb it note *eep ip Hint war! meeting , t Mapoon dr)Plj parsley, i, • ml tics, man res f M-ctlvely at the wedding 25 years before Hie . Mrs J Ta hot and Ml** Nancy Shillltto N ival anti Garrison bu^h.

“It i* also the largest manufacturer of doors and plywood In recessed, See further story on Page On company, chartering oceangoing ships, carrying cargo between many a he Currie report, Ju«t he rolls at SHIPPING. safeguard the Integrity and This company, the second unity of the army of the French! *- have been Wed, At lie miin- lime, he said, Other examples of waste ami lie had Iw-rn lidd liv a 'saaiin Ii Conservative A**.** lation.

TOO is i Parliament negligible ‘ "It called escort at Yar- Snowfall in said. largest of its kind In the world, Union." and that the parllnmenla nol solely a lumher company. man that Ills soil wounded ill gkltavagance cued by al "This is tiie highest cost per JVarkea vveie $db Vl O OOU spent Korea had hern fed a In of man uf any army, navy or air during Russian salmon In a Tokyo Ihe past year on travel force in the world," he said hospital. Cailij (Colonist Hero Receives City W »"OU'lw NEVLB WANT M'« f ACl A£A'N? 1 M Ilv Wiggily Story I ru le WPf STl Mow mil STHAMi K TOOTINl t VOdo CONOo CTt O AT L'N AP»l T»t» 'KOvl IMA* T i«l Pt OI’VT VI MO M*RL •U MOAT m On(v *ce moat wuo »ot ’»» 84 -T PA\. to- run away before Mr, Fox might reach him and do arifflg rib tickling Rib tickling was onr of Inc ways m which Mi Fox L’nrlp teased the rabbit uncle An oihei (hints lbs| Mr Fox did Wa.w iv twiddle l tide Wiggilyx cars Twiddling .* About naif way between and both, liny ross n L pulling *n«i shut/ or all Miree not very pii'H»ani for I'm'le Wiggily don't *o' da& r TURN ABOUND. D M OI/)H ial, with Fllh Flen LAURENCE OLIVIER Starring ( JL'NIUR “THE BLUE VEIL” ( .a* EATON'S— Hardware, loner Main — Ml A — Aif.r Ol A New Saury Comedy Prlnre Albert * Drelaer'a Popular z ceiling lie I union, galvani/f-d 100 ft dothesline. Commisaioner Bert Ticll of the FIRST HACK Football league Mid Talk 107 Tuatday that Baltimore fans Sabeon 111!

Recovery of the fish from the remote island in the Comoro isles was the culmination of sears of search during which Professor tramped thousands of miles along the eastern seaboard of Africa. mm bfild the The Currie nurse 'At tesnfied toda y airm mur der ih« a- Dorothy Kreu nf trial my husband with Japanese knife he Keep when did it" •.tabbed fl I 4? S sec re to lmrca*e »axa tary of state, visited with Prime .o* »t (Utorlals Htixni lal • New* Mortlnxore's t olunin citizens and or have demanded ion of the ease '"OS t itou i-ihoii oe KCll DCi] a a dissolution of par is France's population* of Morocco and Tunisia "in ad ministering their own affairs within the framework of the iexixting treaties" planning , M P‘" (lr it ,h *' ' . 000 Rescuers chaserl her Jqr 1n0 slant lally highet freight rates orga/iifatioi called to consider the ihe situation sltuaiio # afds before catching her and under the proposed new method at Louiaev INe. Always, How long will the prosperity - be shifting Its emphasis. At the same den re for the future: The heaviest buying spree on record time, we have a vital stake in our ex- of that * of scarcities, hut by their own free wills, their desires for goods, and the sound of cash Jingling In thetr pockets, trend with considerable regret Is The Parksack informs it* readers is now wesring that the noble Redman rubbers. B C- S Canadian business stands, an over shoulder glance shows 1052 have been a lot more prosperous many had dared to expert.

(Central Press Canadian.) I All tie Turn* report lint wa? W KZ' O in i a 10 a li i See further story on Page 5. ^ ' Dwight -f mm omp Dmes is going take place in the week* to said "It will lake larierj place without us if we are lnirn on decisive in our goals, fragile in tbe our government. a li fhigh p laces and .-weakness meant in prove that he could exi*» "n food gathered from the dealing with them The sentencing of Alger Hiss. Hent ** d the rate of return he ntnalders reasonable 7 per rent on the investment would call for *n Increase of S79 .000.000 a year r ,,m * ,e ,,nf,fr "7.'" U -» i cross exammai.. L ruled officially on what caused ° •'• animal was dead. *x‘here employees putting nut ;he flames, held it needs additional re of Assor-iated Textiles went on Ahoard was a 70 pound eon venues to repair Investor constrike 10 months ago. Lower agrtprices have affected farm cultural last T the "ever get tlng-hlggcr"— The year now gone has proved a lot .buying, Canada has a lot of foreign trade of things which should Instill confl eggs in the U. He has comes: comforts of Whether character thrives city or country’ I* auch bomb* K the only thing likely to awaken the majority to the vital Importance of replacing those Idea* with social one*. The income, retail sales, total Investment - all -are the highest ever. Today, despite high prices and high taxes, there is 60' r mure for each Canadian to spend or save as he pleases than there was in 1939 That's In real terms, taking into account a UNFAIR TO PS VC IIIATKISTN WIDOW SHUT OFT Sir.- After 22 Pilot Street, ETHEL M. past 12 months have been the moat prosperous in our history. But (he total value of the eountry's production of goods and services has topped all previous records.

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