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It's a big job — one of the biggest jobs in this country. r DOUGLAS J/oldwun~ flayer j Page 8 Exhibitors Trade Review C CHARLIE CHAPLIN in ''The Gold Rush" A United Artists Release C1B665911 AUG 25 1925 EXHIBITORS Vmde REVIEW 9he dusiness Taper of the Motion lecture Industry Editorial WORD comes over the telephone to the effect that his friends in the mo- tion picture business are opening cam- paign headquarters at 1600 Broadway, in behalf of the candidacy of Hon. Which designation is more in keeping with the motion picture industry's very real affection for the man who is going to be the next mayor of the world's lar- gest city.Ray and are typical of his most successful comedies. Charles Weiner has been appointed sales manager of the United Artists Eastern Can- ada division. Williams, Paramount exploiter in the Buffalo territory, is busy preparing page ads for the annual Paramount Week splash. The theatres involved are : The Strand, Fox and Rialto, in Aurora; the Orpheum, Crystal Prince and the new Rubens-Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet ; the Crocker, Rial- to and Grove in Elgin; the new ,000,000 Orpheum and the Majestic in Springfield ; the Orpheum in Galesburg; the Majestic in Bloomington ; the Midway in Rockf ord, and the De Kalb Theatre in De Kalb. Y., one of the best known exhibitors in New York state, returned from Florida last week and announced that he would erect at least one large apartment house in Miami, and that he would also be associated with Louis Selz- nick in a large land development near Palm Beach. Shirley expects to re- turn to Florida at once and will probably be joined by Myer Freedman, of Schenec- tady, with whom he was associated in sev- eral of his theatrical enterprises. 28.— Untiring and efficient work as advertising manager of (he Cuff Enterprises won the position as man- ager of the Strand Theatre, owned by Wil- liam Cuff, for John Creamer. 28.— The Strand Theatre of Cumberland, Mary- land, is not included in the deal which brought the Stanley Company an interest tn the Crandall Theatre chain. PROSPERITY SEEN IN TAX FIGURES July Business in Montreal Shows Large Increase MONTREAL, Aug.Jerome Storm, who has directed more than twenty of Ray's best pictures, directed both these productions for Chadwick. * * * May Stein, secretary to Jake Be'rman, gen- eral manager of United Artists Canadian exchanges, has just returned from a vaca- tion. Y., has returned to his home in Buffalo, following a 1,700 mile motor tour with Mrs. Paramount is having a fine showing during the week in western New York, in fact, business at the local exchange is way ahead of all former records. The entertainment plan in the Balaban & Katz theatres includes with each evening and several matinee performances a series of stage features, large orchestras and elabor- ate organ programs. Edward Smith, former manager of the theatre, is to become manager of the Strand Hotel, owned by Mr. The Strand Theatre is owned and operated by the Cumberland Amusement Company. 28.— The moving pic- ture business in Montreal, Quebec, during the past summer have been good and the theatre managers cannot but admit it.It is likely, also, that if this legisla- tion is upheld other states will try to levy similar taxes. A., is serving to clarify the issue and to focus attention on the features of the arbitration system which, from the standpoint of a very large body of exhibitors, need fixing. And no one can fairly charge Seider with any motive other than that of securing for exhibitors a square deal. Pettijohn, general counsel for the Film Boards, of Trade and for the Motior, Picture Producers and Distributors of Amer- ica, is based, not so much on the uniform contract now in use, but on the methods of arbitration employed in making settlements provided for in the contract. Seider will frame his new contract so as to avoid such arbitration disputes. Pettijohn when the "improvements" are going to be started. Seiders repeated state- ments that the methods of arbitration as now pursued are unfair to the independent exhibitor, it will be interesting to see what precautions he takes in drawing up a new contract. Hochreich and his associates de- termined that this state of affairs would not arise between his organization and the ex- hibitors of the United States and Canada. Sei- der, Chairman of the Exhibit- ors' Arbitration and Contract Committee, to frame a new ex- hibitor-distributor contract. "Please accept my sincere wishes for your success in your undertaking." Yjf J HEN asked for information on this *' subject, Mr.

*jr**ddapted from the $ // original story by BOOTH TARKINGTON Scenario by TOM J. J COMEDIES The Doin's and Disasters of Young America (Released Every Other Week) 26 26 SHEIKS and SHE COMEDIES OF FLAPPER AMERICANS (Released Every Other Week) AS" Made by Mc Knight-Womack Productions, Inc. Editorial Offices 45 West 45th Street New York City. That it is a great picture seems to be the uni- versal opinion.George Walsh, who will make a series of six American action romances for Chadwick Pictures Corporation this year, has com- pleted two of them and is now working on the final scenes of a third. The cast of "American Pluck" includes Wanda Hawley in the leading role opposite the star, Sidney De Grey, Frank Leigh, Tom Wilson, Leo White and Dan Mason. Cleopatra, Her Easy Mark Teaser Island Crusoe Returns on Friday.. Before leaving the film elite of Toronto gave him a genuine blow out at the King Edward Hotel. Williams, president of the Indepen- dent Film Service Company, spent the past week with his exchanges at Oklahoma City and Dallas, Texas. Thomson, president and managing director of the company. Katz is widely known in film circles, especially among eastern and mid-west exhibitors, and his pro- motion is the result of conscientious effort and the excellent results achieved in sales because of many innovations which he personally con- ceived and executed. Katz left this week for a swing around the exchanges of F. BUFFALO Walter Hays, vice president of the Mark- Strand interests, and former president of the M. In Montreal theatres holding the bonds, the number of patrons during July, 1925 was 1,079,623, with an amusement tax revenue of ,406.62, as against an aggregate patronage of 890,054 admissions during July, 1924, giv- ing a tax revenue of ,142.15.The first Walsh release will be "American Pluck" an adapta- tion by Ralph Spence of the popular novel "Blaze Derringer" by Eugene P. John Gorman, director of several former Chadwick success- es, directed "The Prince of Broadway" un- der the personal supervision of Hampton Del Ruth, who is now in charge of produc- tion for Chadwick Pictures Corporation in Los Angeles. Sir Walt and Lizzie Kidding Captain Kidd Honeymoon Heaven Love's Tragedy A Ripe Melodrama The Flying Elephant An Ice Boy Kid Noah Comedies Color Shots Color Shots Color Shots Color Shots Color Shots Volume 1 1000 1000 1000 1000 1OO0 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1OO0 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 Ebony Comedies 1000 Ebony Comedies 1000 Volume 2 Volume 3 New Red Head Satires New Red Head Satires New Red Head Satires New Red Head Satires New Red Head Satires New Red Head Satires New Red Head Satires New Red Head Satires New Red Head Satires New Red Head Satires New Red Head Satires New Red Head Satires Karlo Kolor Komics . He recognized the usual- amount of gifts and leaves for his new post with the best wishes of everyone. Stewart, one of the best exploita- tion men in Canada, is contemplating a change of territory and will, announce his new connections son. * * * Emanuel Cohen, editor of the Pathe News and Pathe Reviews, spent the week end with the 101 Ranch at Marland, Okla., recently. Katz, associated with Film Booking Offices of America, Inc., since its inception three and one half years ago as assistant manager of the New York exchange and later as a district manager in the east, was appointed assistant sales manager, according to an an- nouncement by Major H. In theatres where tax tickets are issued, 450,341 persons were admitted as patrons during last July, bringing in a revenue of ,333.54. Scanned from the collections of The Library of Congress AUDIO-VISUAL CONSERVATION at The LIBRARY of CONGRESS Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation gov/avconservation IS In This Issue: The^Emhassy Theatre m II THOMAS NEIGH AN 'The Man Who (I Found Himself f Bp *? LASKY August 29, 1925 HIS ISSUE 8,037 Copies Price 20 Cents COMEDIES THAT WILL ADD -VITALITY TO ANY PROGRAM 52 RIOTS ISIBILITY it HEY FELLAS"! CHARLES DAVIS, II, President 218 West 42nd Street Released New York, N. Through VITAL EXCHANGES, INC except in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Ang Mes Published weekly by Exhibitors Review Publishing Corporation at 34 North Crystal Street, East Stroudsburg, Pa. 5, 1922, at postoffice at East Stroudsburg, Pa., under act of March 3 1879 EXTRA SHOW! Right now they are fairly busy trying to explain how it hap- pened that "The Gold Rush" promptly broke he Strand's house record and pro- vided an annoying problem for the traf- fic division of the police department. At the Imperial Theatre in San Francisco crowds stood in line from eight-thirty in the morning for the nine o'clock opening, and the theatre has been doing capacity business ever since. THERE are some wise folks in this business who have been very sure that the long interval between Chaplin pictures would be fatal to Charlie's pres- tige with the fans.

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