Carbon dating shroud video

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If their test suggested that the shroud dated to that time, common sense would dictate that you test some other cloth that you know is from that time to confirm that they do indeed give the same results.There's plenty of variables that could cause carbon dating to give an inaccurate result if not accounted for and dating cloth from that time is an easy way to rule out a bunch of possible sources of systematic inaccuracies of the measurement.Why would someone who doesn’t believe in god or the authenticity of the shroud have any personal objection to testing it? Worst case scenario they determine that the shroud was contemporary to the period in question.

Did the tip of the nose shine brighter than his eye lids somehow?

Doing it correctly is tricky;one should weigh dates more if one considers them to be more reliable, and deciding how to do that is in general not easy.

This sort of thing is pretty vulnerable to monkeying with if one wants a specific result, but the basic idea is sound.

I especially used to believe in the shroud of Turin, until I've been shown that the carbon dating of it was around 1300 and that a 3d face cannot be transferred to a 2d object without being widely distorted.

But now I'm not sure if the 1988 carbon dating of it is even authentic now. I know that this website is catholic, but it contains a letter apparently written by Dr Tite, one of the people involved in the 1988 test of the shroud.

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