Carbon dating at mount saint helens

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Adherents of what is called intelligent design are careful not to speak of “creationism” as it is popularly understood, weary of the Bible-thumping stereotype the word calls up and aware that the Supreme Court has barred teaching the concept in the public schools.So religious legislators and school board members around the country have latched onto intelligent design as a palatable vehicle for undermining evolution in the curriculum.Doris Anderson, a retired registered nurse who pursued a second career as a journalist, translates her husband’s perorations for the everyday reader in brochures and booklets that explain, in no-nonsense but engaging prose, how he believes the geologic changes at and around Mount St.Helens — the “7 Wonders” — prove that processes that mainstream scientists insist took millions of years can actually occur in days, or even hours.Reaching a small observational clearing, he sweeps his arm toward the horizon and bounces with excitement as he waits for the group — Forest Carnine, a cattle rancher from Angora, Neb.; his wife, Dorothy; their daughter-in-law, Ingrid Carnine of Boring, Ore.; and her two young sons — to catch up.It is one of those rare days when the weather in southwest Washington clears so you can see Mount St.They represent a third wave of modern biblical creationist thinking, one that says hard-core science proves the Genesis account of creation.

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The delicate balance of climatic, geologic and physical conditions that led to life on Earth couldn’t have happened by chance, they said.

It all had to be set in motion by a greater intelligence.

Geologists insist that it is just as wrongheaded as old-school blind-faith creationism, but they do so with a touch of grudging respect.

“The 7 Wonders Creation Museum is an example of the ‘best’ and the ‘worst’ of the young-Earth creationist movement,” Wilfred Elders, an emeritus professor of geology at the University of California-Riverside, said in an e-mail message.

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