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Kate has over the years since having her children, shown her interest in photography by releasing......continue reading We are an independent specialist photographic retailer with camera shops in London’s West End, Chelmsford, Essex and Stevenage, Hertfordshire, as well as online.If you couldn't make it then don't forget that Camera World Live London is just around the corner, this October 26th, at Bishopsgate...

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Usually the location is an all-female jail, either to enable sensational scenes of unrepressed lust – sleazy sexploitation flicks such as Barbed Wire Dolls (1976) became a staple of softcore cinemas – or to examine relationships between women in a world without men.

Laurence Olivier’s famous, unreciprocated pass at Tony Curtis in the baths in Spartacus (1960) – “My taste,” he hisses, “includes both snails… Still, things are getting better – if even James Bond is allowed a suggested previous sex life with males, as is hinted in Skyfall (2012), then Hollywood cinema is at least acknowledging other sexualities.

Bi women are even less visible in Hollywood films, particularly before the last couple of decades (a surprising exception being Lauren Bacall’s psychiatrist in 1949’s Young Man with a Horn).

...continue reading July 12, 2019 by Ali Jennings | Courtesy of Camerajabber Everyone needs an L-bracket, from studio work to capturing the great outdoors it all becomes easier. But there has been a historical problem, price and fit. ...continue reading July 10, 2019 Panasonic has announced it will release new firmware update programmes for its LUMIX cameras to enhance functions and usability.

All updates will be available to download from the LUMIX Global Customer Support website from 9 July 2019. ...continue reading July 4, 2019 The Queen, who has been patron of The Royal Photographic Society for 67 years has handed over the reins to the Duchess of Cambridge.

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