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Tel Aviv, Israel-based social network platform company Comroads has released an app in beta, which makes it simple to upload and share dash cam footage.

Also: Older Io T and smart home gadgets are targets for hackers CNETMuch like Waze did to help commuters outsmart traffic, Comroads is focused on building a community of drivers who can use the app to easily retrieve, upload and share their dash cam footage.

While in driving mode, the app anonymously maps the drivers' trip and matches it with the dash cam footage, allowing users to point to a location on the map and then easily share the footage from that location.

If a driver is involved in an accident, they will be able to record the accident point on the map of their route in the app, allowing them to see if any other Comroads community members were there so that they can request videos from their dash cams.

Dash cams currently supported are YI, Viofo WR1, and Viofo A129, and the company will be introducing support for additional models over the next year.

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