Bookworms dating friendship

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Price: Starts from Rs 999 #throwback to last April 4th • Let’s talk book gluttony now, If you got to take away one entire square out of this bookshelf, which one would you take? This monthly book box includes atleast two books and merchandise to flaunt! You won’t be the first owner of the book, but the book might have traveled a long way to reach you, the book’s destiny.

Don’t fret, treat yourself with these amazing online book subscription boxes and surprise yourself for your next enlightening reading session! This is one of the most loved book subscription boxes in India. In addition to the main protagonist, the supporting characters are worthy of a mention. All you need to do is fill a form that asks you details about your interest and genres to deliver the perfect Book package to you. #SNEAKPEEK 😍 Hello everyone, I know you have all been curious and dying to know what will be inside your Blind Date Book Mail so here’s a sneak peek to get you all the more excited 😄 This is how all your blind date books will be packed & shipped to you along with cute special designed bookmarks, 1 hand made bookmark and a new type of bookmark which will help you in your #bookstagram journey!If you love books and would like to find a friend, penpal, penfriend or keypal who shares your interest in language and / or literature, why not post a message here. To add your own message to our site use the form below.We will add your message to the site the next time we do an update.On September 9, the group will head to Pig Island at Brooklyn’s Erie Basin Park for “swining and dining with heritage pork prepared by over 25 chefs and fine libations!” You might just meet your soul mate while reaching for the same rib.

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