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Step 4: Now go to your own phone and log in using the same credentials that you used to create an account in the kid's device.After you log in, select your identity as a parent and let your phone connect with the kid’s phone.You can lock through your Google account which means the settings cannot be amended without your Google password.This prevents the kids from changing the settings to their choice.Step 7: I n the next screen, the app will show the list of blocked websites.

There are various ways you can block porn sites and one of them being Safe Search Mode, serves well in blocking inappropriate sites.

Here are the instructions where you can enable Safe Search Mode. Now, scroll down and then click on “Settings” as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: After selecting “Settings”, select “Strict” in the Safe Search Filters as shown in the picture below.

Kids being technically versed are the natural party to fall prey to porn sites.

This has been one of the serious concerns of the parents and has to be very rightly.

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