Blackberry bes calendar not updating

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We are delighted to direct you to the Crack Berry Forums, a well-established and thorough support channel, for continued Black Berry device support.When we launched Crack 10 years ago, we set out to make it a fun and useful destination where Black Berry Smartphone owners could share their excitement and learn to unleash the full potential of their Black Berry. I've followed the instructions and generated the logs. Are they all syncing to the same email address type? cmd=display KC&doc Type=kc&external Id=KB03069 but I think you need a layer of detail beyond which database component. Sending and receiving email is transparent to the end-user through the Blackberry and are sent and received as the primary email address in Exchange.Future releases will undoubtedly be better, but at the moment I am experiencing a very spotty sync, with appointments being added or removed at random from both i Cal and my Blackberry.

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soo i took a look at the services and all Blackberry services logon are under my username.....Google Calendar Sync has existed for some time for your computer, but now there is also a mobile sync.You will see for instance From: Joe Bloggs If you are having problems with the rules not matching, just check the email headers and set a rule to match the encoded address as well. In the logs, I would recommend searching for 'error' or ;stop', there are some diagnostic instructions here We have a BES server with version 4.1.6 and running in conjunction with Exchange 2003.

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