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S51U *.«M) Particulars and stud cards on application. If you want to get a good dog cheap write to the Quaker City Kennels. POINTER SACHEM, (Champion Beaufort's well-known son). The iciiuwucv* Coni Cji Cliai Dion Scola, CMrleroi II, Roslp Sensation and Maney Trefoil. Descartes suggested that it was perhaps the seat of the soul; and though this idea, of course, could not be enter- tained, no suggestion even plausible had been made. Richards will enter his point- er Miranda, Mainspring — Beauty. In this matter we can only j reason by analogy, as, unfortunately, the micro-organism of distemper has not been described as yet; but our knowledge of I other infectious diseases justifies us in : thinking Mr. In the first place he gratuitously iissumes that the bacteria themselves are incapable of communicating the disease they cause. The work of the judges was well done, for the kind, but in the hue and cry raised by exhibi- tors and the press, the show officials and the public have the American opinion of that saiue I';nglish method. Vmerican | and Fuglish shows are not to a common purpose. Klll TOH FANCIKRS' Ji MKNAI., After a successful season of breetling iib-cnitf* tlif» irrcfit nttifviiiit of \^'et weiith^r* our fanciers are getting ready for the Fall and winter campaign.

My object in writing is to draw atten- tion to the subject, and I trust that this may reach the eye of persons nmch more capable than I am to discuss it from a scientific point of view. The Field Trials bid fair to be of un- usual interest this fall, and the old favorites that are being put in condition — no dowbt some of them will be Brown Sequard — and may surprise many owners of the promising ones which will make their debut this year. From the inefficiently disinfected spills I got distemper; from the others I did not. Add to this ironwork partitions, troughs, holes, cracks, crevices, and judge how long and with what care it would take to thoroughly disinfect this. Kingzett has issued a challenge; it will most certainly, in the interests of the dog-showing public, be accepterl. To agree upon the terms and make arrangements and rules for such a race will l)e found a task. Association to meet with us at our show January 14-19, i S^o. Stock in this city and vicinity is and eggs as placed there in almost every instance gave most satisfactory results. \'^- Uk.\k Sik: Till- fowls stilt iiif for ilislribiitiuii were K'veii as fcjllows: One I,cghorii cock to . Kearney, wulow, Harristowii (liertls mother); one do.

Copyright Date: August 24, 1889 - December 28, 1889 IVIaster Negative Storage Number: MNS# PSt SNPa Ag245.3 FILMED WHOLE OR IN PART FROM A COPY BORROWED FROM: * National Agricultural Library FILMED AS BOUND Volume 3 August 24, 1889- D ^1 OQ J '^^J^.


As one interested in this subject I should much like to have the opinion of those thinking of entering their dogs in the all-day race, Pke-Cke, 8 TPHE FANCIERS* JOURNAL POULTRY. There never was an Autuinii in which the interest in poultry and pigeon was so keen or so j^eneral, and never a fair sea- son when so many were preparing to enter to win.

The one dog, if they only have one contesting, may hap- pen to l)e taken sick, go off its nose or 111 other ways be not itself, but this the summary would not record, ami thus a kennel whose owner goes to the expense and trouble of getting together a nuniljer of dogs for the purpose of winning these public events might have its colors lower- ed by a dog that would not lie the equal of several others belonging to the kennel of which the beaten dog in question was one.

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