Batch updating android setsummary not updating

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Note In the Performing Batch Updates tutorial we created a batch editing interface using the Data List control.This tutorial differs from the previous one in that is uses a Grid View and the batch update is performed within the scope of a transaction.Rather than needing to go into each individual record to update the information, Batch Updates takes care of multiple records from a single list view.The Batch Update feature allows multiple records to be updated all at once, whether against records within the Universal Tracking Application or against company / user records.

Once the buttons are created, they will show next to the general Batch Update button alongside the other action buttons.

After completing this tutorial I encourage you to return to the earlier tutorial and update it to use the database transaction-related functionality added in the preceding tutorial.

As discussed in the An Overview of Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data tutorial, the Grid View offers built-in support for editing its underlying data on a per-row basis.

In Arcadia mode this button is at the top of the list views: The Batch update features specific to UTA records can now be configured so that, instead of opening the entire batch update page with all its options, certain batch update options can be made available for specific roles.

The customized batch update buttons are built upon listviews.

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