Are nastia and evan dating

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And that’s the most important thing, to be happy with your performance, no matter what.

If you do win a medal, no matter what color, as long as you enjoy the experience and just have fun out there.” ET!

But the allegations proved to be wrong when Lysacek conversed with Entertainment Tonight and stated that the two were nothing more than close friends.

However, the Olympic gold medalist has finally found a love of her life now.

Everybody is familiar with her professional jobs, but people often wonder regarding her personal life.

Let us reveal, Liukin was once claimed to be in a relationship with Evan Lysacek, an American figure skater, an American figure skater by People Magazine in 2010.

He was a famous Norwegian shipping magnate reportedly worth multi-millions.

In addition to that, she tied Miller’s record as the American gymnast having won the most medals in a single no-boycotted Olympic Games. Here again are hot pictures of Nastia Liukin who is NOT dating Evan Lysacek.Nastia Liukin pics got yet another turn today with two news organizations slamming PEOPLE Magazine’s report that Liukin is dating Evan Lysacek.But it wouldn't be wrong to say the couple has already started weaving the dreams of their beautiful married relationship.The Olympic Gold Medalist was born in Moscow, Russia.

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