Are attractive women intimidating to men

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The likelihood that he will receive a yes increases slightly with every additional point of attractiveness.With a rating of ~5 for attractiveness, a genius-level man has a better chance of being chosen, but that chance is still only 50 percent.Unsurprisingly, he found that handsome men were more likely to be chosen for a date than less handsome men.But women didn’t shoot down every unattractive man.As far as women’s preferences are concerned, the sky’s the limit.Women may be happy to trade intelligence for attractiveness, but they will always be more likely to choose a man who is a little more attractive or intelligent.

The researchers analyzed their data using a technique called logistic regression.

If he scores a 9 for attractiveness, our genius has a 75 percent chance of being chosen.

On the other hand, a man who scores 10 for 10 in attractiveness has a 30 percent chance of being selected, even if he’s not very intelligent.

After that, any further increases in intelligence have little to no effect on his chances of being picked.

The researchers state: “If male speed-daters can choose, then it is better to be perceived by female conversation partners as handsome and not necessarily brainy than the opposite.

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