Apostolic rules for dating

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HOWEVER, with that being said, there are some "Holiness" style Pentecostal denominations which do hold to the beliefs that a woman can not cut her hair.

Most Pentecostal church (All who are not within the Holiness church denom.s) do NOT teach…

Although both used to believe and teach that women should not wear jewelry, pants, or makeup, many churches in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World have gotten away from that strict discipline, while most of the United Pentecostal Churches are holding on…

Yes, now generally a Pentecostal person will marry another Pentecostal, but that isn't always and their is no set rule for or against such a marriage.

The Rules of Pencostal Religion is based on the Holy Bible (King James Version) almost all pencostals believe in reading the Word of God everyday while praying because it helps your soul to be more like him.

These beliefs are in the bible Though many religions will not teach you them because of this man made world we live in today.

Growing up in a Pentecostal Church we had a member of our church that was married to a man that was not pentecostal, they loved each other and had a great marriage, she came to her church, Pentecostal and he went to his.

On his return to Bradford, England, he recommended that a resident Missionary should be sent to Asamankese because the new Church was growing at a fast rate.

There are many sub-denominations within the realm of Pentecostal Christianity.

These range from very strict dress codes, within the Pentecostal Holiness, and Oneness Pentecostal branches, to a more relaxed dress code within the Assemblies of God, and the 4-square Gospel churches.

The Apostolic church does not believe in women wearing pants.

The Pentecostal denomination believes that women should wear modest apparel that does not pertain unto a man.

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