Antarctica dating

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I never even knew that was a thing you could do or hadn't even heard of it.

So I think I filed it away in my head as something I would do someday, and when the opportunity came up, I took it!

Scott Station [the only New Zealand base] is only 3 kilometers away from the Mc Murdo Station, so there is quite a bit of interaction between Americans and New Zealanders.

He is English, and he would bring these little gingerbread men from England and give them to me as gifts. It really is a different world electronically and Internet-wise down there.

In fact, I met my husband at the Scott base and we got married just last year! Alex and I would each take a walk from our station and meet halfway. I think it made it seem even more romantic, because you're both isolated.

Here you are, both so far away [from the rest of the world]. I have heard that people have tried to use things like that, but you would get the Antarctic network and there would be nobody on there.

Come stop by our station for dinner," which nobody can because we're all so isolated so it's kind of a joke. Most of those stations are hundreds of miles apart, so you don't really have interactions in a day-to-day way.

This winter, folks at the South Pole station, which is about 600 or 800 miles away from Mc Murdo Station, reached out to the stations and were like, "Can we have a dart tournament over the phone or high-frequency radio, where one person will throw a dart and then report it, and then the other person goes?

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