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In 1995, she and her parents moved to Woodstock, 100 miles to the north.However, she did not adjust well in her new town or her new school.It also appeared that he had been dragged to the spot where he was found.

In late March, they had seen a person resembling Wendy come through town with a man named "Bob".She asked for 0 for a bus ticket back home for her and Jesse.A few days later, Jesse called his parents from a nearby truck stop. They picked up the money wired to them by Wendy's parents. Two days later, on March 23, Jesse was discovered bludgeoned to death near the railroad tracks in Marion County, Florida. Bet my heart is really heavy – just waiting to have a heart attack.” Post Exodus. A series of flash forwards explores life off the island for the survivors, who bear the weight of a great secret. You name it – my stomach, my arms, my legs, even my hair.

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