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You may cheer for such a powerful yet simple AJAX framework.However, things in the real world turn out to be not that simple.As a result, it becomes hard to make changes in your application.Lacking guidelines and best practices, the inadvertent and ad hoc use of ASP.NET AJAX applications loosely coupled, simplified, consistent, and straightforward and thus easy to change. NET AJAX Framework 1.0 mainly come out of two great server controls Script Manager and Update Panel.The new approach proves easy to learn and use and still retains the most advantages of ASP. The non-visual component Script Manager is responsible for the overall AJAX plumbing.Update Panel gives developers direct control on which part needs to be partially updated and what element can trigger asynchronous postbacks.Looking at a simple AJAX application (Listing 1), the use of Script Manager and Update Panel is very easy and straightforward.

Your application ends up being hard to maintain and change.

First of all, I will show how to loosely couple Update Panels and asynchronous triggers at design time.

Next, I will show you how to specify Update Panels and asynchronous triggers in a consistent manner, avoid complex triggers, and minimize the number of Update Panels.

An Update Panel consists of two sections: Content Template and Triggers.

All the content in the Content Template section is able to get updated asynchronously.

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