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Just be careful: make sure you don’t get too lost in here and still work on your writing.

Behind the Name is a name generator and name meaning site with a unique twist.

It’s an aggregate of more than 1100 name generators for nearly every fantasy and sci-fi property you can imagine.

You have your standard franchises, like Each major category has sub-categories to choose from, like human, goblin, elf, etc.

While it’s not exactly everything you need to go on to create a compelling character, these details do help you more fully visualize an actual person.

Behind the Name also includes a rather exhaustive list of name meanings, from Asian, European and African origin.

There are tons of great fantasy name generators out there.

I could do an entirely separate post just on why you should be using Scrivener as a writer, but that’s for another time.Because of the fantasy base the evil names are perfect almost all role playing games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, Dungeons and Dragons, Everquest, hackscape and other online games.The fantasy base also gives them a cool wicked and badass feeling.Looking for some good name ideas for other things, like battles, dungeons, or…pizzerias? The only limitation is there’s no way to preset anything, so if you want your names to all start with “A,” for example, you couldn’t do that.Each generator can only generate up to ten names at a time, but you can click away as often as you wish.

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