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I want to kick this habit but don't know how to go about You can do it, but it probably won't be easy, and it probably will be near impossible if you hide it from your wife.Just looking into the nofap challenges/accountability partners. By the way, you will feel SO MUCH BETTER after you tell her. If you need an "excuse" you can tell her about all the porn addiction science online. It thinks it's doing its job, even though in the case of porn it's counter-productive.Good luck and send me a pm if you want to talk to me more about this!

I've got a similar addiction that I am trying to kick.Maybe changing that image isn't such a bad thing after all.As for the trigger/situation when this happens, it is almost always after I go out for a night without her and come back to the house alone.I think nofap is helping massively now but before I would go on sites trawling girls trying to find someone who would chat with me.The excitement and the belief that someone found me attractive/interesting got me. I did so even before we got married and have been open with her about the times I have relapsed since.

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