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Now they are a reputable investigation firm who have offices all over the world and they do 'romance scam' checks and much more besides.I don't know if that helps, but I hope it does, regards.

On that subject of scamming, there have been very few cases of scammers being apprehended by anyone and the few that I know of that were caught were the subject of 'sting operations', whereby the persons setting the trap set up meetings with the scammers in a Hotel, but it was an expensive operation.

Hi Flora, You are probably right that you are not in contact with the 'real' John Kudalor!!

No one is above suspicion in Ghana and you have no way of confirming if he is in fact the real 'person' that he states he is.

They thought that they were either going to meet their 'online sweetheart' or thought that they were going to collect Gold.

Unbelievable as it seems, this happens a lot, but never gets reported on, either because the person involved is afraid to report it. so, i'm not sure if the John Kudalor that my husband has been in contact with is the 'real' John Kudalor...has offered up his 'daughter', (Melissa), to my husband now as well as offering to investigate the other scammer...perhaps we are not out of the woods just yet.............. If you are in contact with Wymoo you are in safe hands, but they do charge a fee as they do definitely try and trace the person if you have Email headers with IP Addreses.

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