2016 dating violence against male

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Because men are traditionally thought to be physically stronger than women, you might be less likely to report domestic violence in your heterosexual relationship due to embarrassment.

You might also worry that the significance of the abuse will be minimized because you're a man.

It's common for survivors of domestic violence to act out verbally or physically against the abuser, yelling, pushing or hitting him or her during conflicts. If you have children, remember that exposure to domestic violence puts them at risk of developmental problems, psychiatric disorders, problems at school, aggressive behavior and low self-esteem.

The abuser may use such incidents to manipulate you, describing them as proof that you are the abusive partner. You might worry that seeking help could further endanger you and your children, or that it might break up your family.

Talk about healthy relationships and use media and real-life experiences as teachable moments.

Youth — Use your voice, creativity, and social media to positively influence your friends and classmates.

Adolescence is an ideal time to intervene to break the cycle of domestic violence and to prevent dating violence.

The most effective approaches use multiple strategies to engage youth and the important adults in their lives including parents, teachers and coaches.

Initially, the abuse might appear as isolated incidents.SAFE’s Expect Respect® Program was one of the first and most comprehensive prevention programs in the U. Its team of 16 counselors and educators serves over 14,000 students each year through a variety of programs and services.Expect Respect also provides curriculum and training to help other communities replicate the program.Safe and supportive relationships are key to your child’s success in school and life.Encourage assertive communication, avoid physical discipline, and expect all family members to treat one another with care.

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