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The app gets to know users by asking them questions; then the AI works to develop the most compatible matches.Like many singles of his generation looking for love, Kevin Teman started his search on popular dating apps.A lot of hand-holding, a lot of teaching,” Kevin said.He understood that he was lucky, and that not every dater could afford private matchmakers like the ones he’d found. Kevin leveraged his experience developing speech recognition software to combine the best elements of a matchmaker with the simplicity of a dating app.Then, the app may display images of a log cabin, a brick mansion, a modern condo, and other options from which a user can choose.It also asks singles to rate on a scale from 1 to 10 the importance of certain categories — including pets.

For example, AIMM may ask users about the type of house they envision themselves living in with their ideal mate.

That’s how the Artificially Intelligent Matchmaker, or AIMM, was born.

AIMM asks singles questions to understand the characteristics they desire in a partner.

“It’s leading the conversation and asking you questions,” said Kevin.

AIMM doesn’t ask each user a set series of questions, either.

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